photography for me:

Photography, once a simple hobby, has always been something I enjoyed dabbling in. Growing up, I had the most reliable point-and-shoot camera that I took on every vacation. It was a tiny thing that was my go-to for several years.

Over the years, photography has been a consistent outlet for fueling my desire to create and meaningfully tell a story. The creative boundaries are truly limitless in photography, and I find that aspect of it to be extremely fascinating.



Born and raised in Edmonton AB Canada, I can proudly say I have become one of those patriotic Edmontonians that truly loves his City. Taking pictures of your city makes you re-discover it by looking at it through a different lens (literally haha). Edmonton has a great little community making it an awesome home base.

My Education lies with the Built Environment. I can genuinely say that "I love my day job", and so photography for me, is an additional means to create when I'm not creating. By day, I practice as Commercial Interior Designer, crafting human centric environments and experiences. Creating spaces for the betterment of human good is inspiring stuff! Did you know that we spend over 87% of our time indoors? All the more reason to create meaningful environments for all the good humans to inhabit.

  • Favorite colour: Black (does that count?) and Mustard Yellow
  • Favorite Doggo: Basenji
  • Favorite Season: Summer (because shorts and joggers are life)
  • Favorite Meal: Brunch, hands down
  • Favorite Time of Day: 10pm-2am. When productivity and creativity flows best!

Thanks for reading through all of that! Feel free to stay and wander for a bit, or head on over to my Instagram page for more examples of my work #dgeephoto



Shyla L.

“I love working with Darren! He stands out from a lot of photographers with his creativity, but especially with his eye for details. Not a lot of photographers know how to direct you while shooting, but his ideas and initiative make my job a lot easier! He has great energy and it's so much fun to work with him. I always look forward to working with him every time. His edits are unique, and I love seeing his finished product. Definitely one of the best in Edmonton!”

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