photography for me:

I've always been a huge creative at heart. Growing up, I had more interest in a paintbrush than a skateboard, and you'd more often find me crafting rather than playing ball hockey.

Photography has been a consistent outlet for fueling my need to create. The creative boundaries are truly limitless, and I find that aspect of it to be extremely fascinating.



Born and raised in Edmonton AB Canada, I can proudly say I truly love this City. I fell back in love with this city when I moved away for 3 years. I would come back to visit over the summers and would head out on photography adventures. Taking pictures of your city allows you to re-discover it by looking at it through a different lens - literally! I fell back in love with Edmonton, and discovered some pretty awesome gems in the process. Edmonton has a great little community making it an awesome home base.

That's all I got folks. Stay a while, wander, and enjoy!



Shyla L.

“I love working with Darren! He stands out from a lot of photographers with his creativity, but especially with his eye for details. Not a lot of photographers know how to direct you while shooting, but his ideas and initiative make my job a lot easier! He has great energy and it's so much fun to work with him. I always look forward to working with him every time. His edits are unique, and I love seeing his finished product. Definitely one of the best in Edmonton!”

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