photography for me:

I've always been a huge creative at heart. Growing up, I had more interest in a paintbrush than a skateboard, and you'd more often find me crafting rather than playing ball hockey.

Photography has been a consistent outlet for fueling my need to create. The creative boundaries are truly limitless, and I find that aspect of it to be extremely fascinating.



Born and raised in Edmonton AB Canada, I can proudly say I truly love this City. I fell back in love with this city when I moved away for 3 years. I would come back to visit over the summers and would head out on photography adventures. Taking pictures of your city allows you to re-discover it by looking at it through a different lens - literally! I fell back in love with Edmonton, and discovered some pretty awesome gems in the process. Edmonton has a great little community making it an awesome home base.

My Education lies with the Built Environment. By day, I practice as Commercial Interior Designer, crafting human centric environments and experiences. Creating spaces for the betterment of human good is inspiring stuff! Did you know that we spend over 90% of our time indoors? This statistic is likely higher now with the shift of Working from Home... But, all the more reason to create meaningful environments for all the good humans to inhabit.

A friend in the photography community once said to me, "You arrange how people move around in a space for a living, it only makes sense you do the same in photography". I definitely take a design approach to the concepts and composition of my photos. It's all about capturing and creating an experience - as any well designed space should be.

That's all I got folks. Stay a while and wander, and maybe even book a session ;)

Take Care.



Shyla L.

“I love working with Darren! He stands out from a lot of photographers with his creativity, but especially with his eye for details. Not a lot of photographers know how to direct you while shooting, but his ideas and initiative make my job a lot easier! He has great energy and it's so much fun to work with him. I always look forward to working with him every time. His edits are unique, and I love seeing his finished product. Definitely one of the best in Edmonton!”

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